Coventry: A City Full Of History

Coventry is a beautiful city to go and visit, with its many shops and museums. It is a place that is both full of culture and history. There is always something to do here, from exhibitions to doing things as a family. there is something for everyone, but one thing is for sure you would never get bored in a place like Coventry.

If you are a museum buff that likes to know the history of places, then this is for you. There are many museums to choose from in Coventry, their is The Coventry  Music Museum, Coventry Transport Museum, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and so much more…

It is most famous for, Lady Godiva riding bare naked through the streets of Coventry at midday. Whom set out on her most famous ride to lower taxes for peasants and townsfolk. She was an 11th-century Anglo Saxon noblewoman, that was married to Leofric. Although she was not born there, her husband Leofric Earl of Mercia was the founder of monasteries in Coventry and Much Wenlock a small town and parish in Shropshire. Leofric may have been powerful but he was an insensitive Earl of Mercia and Lord of Coventry, that was so unsympathetic to the people of his kingdom, he set his wife a challenge that if she rode through the marketplace bare naked, he would not put up the taxes, and she took her husband at his word, but he did not think she would follow through with it, but he was so wrong. She instantly became a heroine, known for her bravery and heroism and is still talked about today.

Coventry holds a Godiva Festival on Friday 31st August – Sunday 2nd September It is a free three-day music festival that is held each year in the War Memorial Park. It is an eventful three days, an event that is a must, to put on your calendar.

Fun Facts About Coventry:

  1. It is the 9th largest city in England and 12th largest city in the United Kingdom.
  2. Historically part of Warwickshire.
  3. Coventry Transport Museum has the biggest collection of British made cars, motorcycles and bicycles in the world.
  4. There are numerous languages spoke by children in schools across Coventry… with languages that include Asian languages such as Punjabi, Urdu, and Eastern Europe languages like Romanian, Czech, Russian and Bulgarian.
  5. There are more children starting school with no English as it is not always the first language. Parents are trying more and more to preserve their own heritage. To which they teach their children from birth.
  6. There are two colleges and four universities.
  7. Coventry is home to several Theatres, including a Royal Opera House, Ballet, and Dance.
  8. Author Lee Childs, Poet Philip Larkin, Actors Nigel Hawthorne, and Clive Owen, Actress Lisa Dillon, Jet Pioneer Frank Whittle, and record producer Pete Waterman all have one something in common, they were all born in Coventry.
  9. Famous bands The Primitive and The Specials (The Specials AKA) originated from here.

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