What is Your Favorite Book? Part 2

Books That Inspire…

Hi everyone, in my last post, I talked about my favorite authors that had inspired me. I will now share with you the books that I liked, by the authors that inspired me so much that left a lasting impression.

Legendary Books:


You can always tell if it’s a good book that your reading, as it has you hooked from the very beginning, with the first sentence, the first paragraph or the first page, it should grab your attention from the moment you start. A good book is where you become the characters that your reading, you will feel what they are going through, and finally, a good book should take you on a journey, an adventure, where you become part of their world.

Reading a Book:

Reading from a young age can be insightful, informative and educational for the young minds, and by the time you go it alone, you know what you like and what you don’t. I love the enjoyment of reading, it opens your mind to the possibilities of something better out there for you. Every time you open a book you begin a new journey. One of my flaws is that I cannot go past a bookshop without going into it. These days you can now get books on the likes of kindles etc. But I just love the feel of a book in my hands.

What is Your Favorite Book?

What was your favorite book, was it a bedtime story that was read to you when you were a child or was it something you have read yourself? I would love to hear from you and have your thoughts on what your favorite all-time book is? Have a great week!!!

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