Girl In The Corner

Alone in the house,
A girl you did see,
Sitting in the corner,
Crouched on her knees.

When it’s all quiet,
All you will hear,
Laughing in the corner,
As happy as can be.

Bellows of her laughter,
From where she sat,
Followed not long after,
Now came the giggles,
As she wriggles incessantly.

Tittering loudly to herself,
So everyone can here,
To her everything seems funny,
As she laughs hysterically.

The girl in the corner,
Is from where she sat,
Nobody can say,
Where she is at.

What must be going on?
Deep inside her head,
When all is done and said,
Her laugh will be heard,
All the way to her bed.

What can be the cause?
Of her uncontrollable laugh,
For she will be always known,
As the girl in the corner,
With a big loud tone,
Curdled up tight,
Laughing all alone.

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