Paris Museum

The First Floating Museum

In May this year, Paris will welcome its very first floating museum that as transparent walls throughout the centre. This will be the only one in the world that will feature something like this. It as took just under two years create a museum to float on water. The centre will be situated on the banks of the River Seine at the foot of the Pont des Invalides. It will have a direct view of the Grand Palais as it overlooks the River Seine.

The centre will be called Fluctuart, and it will dedicate itself to urban art, and will showcase graffiti and street art. The museum will consist of a three floor structure. and it will be open all year round, with Free entry to all visitors. The street art will include newcomers, pioneers, and world famous star artists. The art world as been buzzing with the upcoming urban centre.

There are several projects in the pipeline, the museum being only one of the projects that will reside on the River Seine, whilst others would be done near by.

The Architect

Over Two years ago there was a competition set to find the right architect to carry out a project that could revitalise the River Seine. They were hoping for someone to share there vision of the future of Paris. It was there that they came across Seine Designs Gerard Ronzatti who is the project architect, and with his team showed their designs of the floating museum and they went on to win the competition.

My Thoughts:

You never know it might set a trend on who can make the best, or biggest floating museum. I love anything that is different and this certainly fits into that bracket, Gerard Ronzatti and his team have certainly got a different outlook,

Gerard Ronzatti as the experience and brilliance to create something so different to what as been done before, and it was no surprise that he and his team won the competition. I just can’t wait to see it up and running in person and see if it meets all my expectations.

Price: Free entry, open all year round

Address:Fluctuart,2 Pont du Gros Caillou,75007 ParisFrance

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