The Memories That We Keep

The memories that we keep,
Are locked down deep,
Until we have fallen asleep,
You must open your mind,
And there you will find.
That you can take a peek,
Into the memories that you keep.
For they will be hidden,
Somewhere that is forbidden.

But if you want to seek,
The memories that you keep.
You need to look way down deep,
Past the ones that make you weep.
Because there is nothing to gain,
From those that cause you pain.
Sometimes you get the chance,
To take a glance into the past,
That… can give you such a blast.

If you take a chance,
You will get a glance,
Of the ones that make you smile,
Those are the ones that make it worthwhile,
But every once in a while,
You get an empty box,
That should have been locked,
But it is very rare,
For them not to be there.

Enjoy your week!

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