All Alone

Hi everyone. I have written this poem for all those, who are or have some time in their lives have suffered from PTSD, depression or anxiety and feel all alone, with no-one to talk too. You are not alone, there is someone you can always talk to, you will only open up to someone you feel comfortable with, it will be then you will start to slowly recover. It will not happen overnight, but if you are up for one last fight, fight to live. This is PTSD day and month. Make someone else’s lives matter, make a difference to someone’s life.

I feel all alone,
As I suffer in silence,
No one to talk to,
I don’t know what to do,
I try to count sheep,
As I cry myself to sleep,

The pain inside,
Is so real,
I wish I did not feel,
All alone can be rough,
For the ones…
That are so tough.

As I struggle all alone,
I am now without a home,
But no-one knows
How it goes,
The images that I re-live,
I don’t think I could forgive.

The guilt that I feel,
For me is a big deal,
I am left wondering why,
I was the one that had survived,

How can I tell you?
That I feel so blue,
And broken up inside,
Instead, I have to…
Hideaway my tears.
And push away my fears.

As I lay upon my bed,
Nothing has to be said,
I just keep it all in,
Then… I will never win,
Someday I will break
For I will never wake…

Don’t seal your fate,
And wait…
Until it is too late,
Talk to someone,
On how it began,
Then you can start forgiving,
And begin to start living.

See you all next week!

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