The 10 Best Libraries in The UK!

This weeks post is about the best libraries we have to offer here in the UK, not only do we have amazing libraries but the cities themselves are also worth a look around.

1. Duke Humfrey’s Library, Oxford

Duke Humfrey’s Library is overlooked by the Bodleian Library, it is the oldest reading room in Oxford. Once you enter the room, you feel like you have gone back in time, for some its as if you’ve stepped on the set of a period drama, and that’s thanks to the amazing interior. There upon the shelves they have everything from classics to modern books.

2. Liverpool Central Library

This is one of Liverpool’s largest libraries, it features a more modern interior design since spending £50 million revamping it up in 2013. Liverpool Central Library offers up plenty of history that will fit everyone’s needs.

Everyone loves coming here, as once you enter the library it makes you feel as if you have stepped into a world of books, which will have you coming back over and over again. If you head up to the roof you can get some amazing views.

3. Maughan Library, London

The Maughan Library is home to 750,00 items and still as plenty to discover, having surprises around every corner. This is London’s main research library, and it makes an impressive sight with its circular structure that is often used for Dumbledore’s office from the Harry Potter franchise.

4. Wren Library, Cambridge

The Wren library opened its doors for the first time in 1695 and its easy to understand why, with its beautiful high ceilings and its long corridors that goes past beautiful wooden shelves which house a wide range of different texts

5. Library of Birmingham

Birmingham Library is hard to miss with its beautiful eye-catching exterior, but that’s not where it ends, as inside just entices you in with its eye-popping interior. This library is one of Europe’s largest libraries, It houses an impressive collection of books, from fiction to non-fiction. If there is any Shakespeare fans out there, you will want to check out one of its rooms that is dedicated to Bard.

6. The British Library, London

The British Library holds 150 million items, if you are a bookworm this is the place to be, as it offers up so much choice, with it receiving a copy of every publication that comes out of UK and Ireland. Along with books you will also find music, maps and stamps. It shows three exhibitions showing you a glimpse into British history.

7. Gladstone’s Library, Wales

Gladstone Library was founded by William Gladstone. It not only as an impressive literary collection, not only that it hosts plenty of bookish events including Gladfest, a celebration of writing from across th UK

8. Sir Duncan Rice Library, Aberdeen

Sir Duncan Rice Library is the main academic library for this city, which as breath-taking exterior, and its not the only thing that grabs your attention, as once you enter inside you are captivated by the beauty of the architecture, that leaves you mesmerised.

This library was opened in 2012 by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. It is mainly for academic research, but it does have exhibitions and displays that are open to the public.

9. John Rylands Library, Manchester

John Rylands Library has reading rooms that look like something out of a film set with its red carpet and impressive alcoves that are just filled with both old and new books. This library is one of five National Research Libraries in the UK. It houses a vast variety of resources on offer. There are 4 million printed books and manuscripts, 41,000 electronic journals, and 500,000 electronic books

10. Signet Library, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is home to some of the most beautiful sights and attractions, and the Signet Library is just a prime example of that. This is not just used as a library it is also a wedding venue and many other things with its plush seating for tea, cakes and books, what more can you want.

Thanks you for taking the time to read my blog, Have a great week and I’ll see you all next week!

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