I Am Me

I am me,
I just wanted to be free.
But all I could see,
Is who you wanted me to be.

I longed to soar,
To know I deserved more.
You couldn’t open your eyes,
And Look through my disguise.

As I screamed with rage,
In that gilded cage.
Your love, it decieved,
Silly me, I believed.
Your pathetic lie,
Then you said good bye.

From that day on,
I grew strong,
I saw we didn’t belong.
In the world of “ever after”
It was just a disaster.

Now I am free,
Could it be,
It’s time for me?

By Lady Lottie

Enjoy life and don’t let anyone take away any part of you… Everyone is unique and special in their own way. You have to love yourself first, before anyone else can…

If you are feeling a bit down and want to read some pick me up quotes on Self-Love, just head over to Peytons View.

Self Love Quotes

See you next week!

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