9 Futuristic Libraries

In the world today there are so many different types of libraries. There are the legendary ancient ones, that are thousands of years old, some are just ruins and some have a slight touch of modern that adds a little extra wow factor. You have the more modern libraries, that are beautiful and have up-to-date interior. Then of course you have the futuristic ones that go beyond the modern look that leaves you feeling breathless, but not forgetting the different cultures, as they have there own vision of what there libraries should look like. You don’t realise how many different styles there really are, until you go looking for them. I love architecture as well as the history behind it. I was just blown away by it all.

Many libraries today are striving to be innovative and cutting-edge from the design of their buildings, down to their resources and services that they provide. Here are 9 amazing futuristic libraries to have a look at

1. Vennesla Library and Culture House, Vennesla Norway

The Vennesla Library and Culture House can be found in Vennesla, Norway, The first time you walk through the doors of this amazing Library, you think you have stepped onto a futuristic sci-fi movie. This beautifully designed masterpiece includes a café, meeting spaces, and administrative areas. The library is linked to an already existing community house and learning center.

2. Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, Chicago, USA

Joe and Rika Mansueto Library appears to be at first glance something out of a sci-fi movie, and this amazing library is located in Chicago, USA, It is a five-story book chamber, and this library contains a massive underground storage facility which is located directly beneath the reading room. In each of the bins they have stored about 100 books, which now brings the libraries total capacity to a mind blowing total of 3.5 million books. You have to go through a robotic system to retrieve the volumes that you need.

3. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

This beautifully designed architecture is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is just as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside. The Stuttgart City Library was designed with precision, it as a modern day look incorporated with a futuristic theme that leaves you feeling breathless. This new media center as a grand atrium that’s opens up to a five story high open chamber, with a brilliant all-white interior décor. There are 60,000 books that are housed in the gallery room, this library also as a music library, and a small reading room for children This is a must see for any avid reader that loves to go to the library.

4. Philological Library of the Free University, Berlin, Germany

Philological Library of the Free University is located on the Universities campus in Berlin, Germany. The architect Norman Foster designed it to be in the shape of a human brain, that’s nicknamed ‘Berlin Brain.’ The library holds the capacity of 700,000 volumes of books, which houses the entire collection over 11 separate buildings. This library has been applauded for its eco-intelligent structure since first opening its doors in 2005.

5. Kanazawa Umimirai Library, Kanazawa, Japan

Kanazawa Umimirai Library is located in Kanazawa, Japan. This stunning building’s exterior is perforated with 6,000 holes in its concrete, which are then filled with glass to give you natural light. This library is one of four in the city of Kanazawa with about 400,000 books in its collection (there are 270,000 put into open stacks, including 45,000 children’s books and another 130, 000 in closed stacks). This library contains reading rooms, group activity rooms, meeting rooms as well as other facilities.

6. Seattle Central Library, Seattle, USA

Seattle Central Library Is located in the US, It stands 11 stories high, with glass and steel surrounds. This library contains over 1.5 million books that sits in a 4 story book spiral, 400 computers that the public can access, automatic book sorting and conveyance and an easy self-checkout service. Seattle Library wanted to captivate the public’s attention, by giving it a fresh unique look with a modern touch.

7. Dalian Public Library, China

This is one of China’s more modernized architectural structures to date. The Dalian Library is located in China it was designed to weave itself into the surrounding ground area so that it will root itself, and will create a series of courtyards. This center was designed to be the heart of the local community, as they wanted to build a strong relationship to the ocean and the bay. It is now a place where you can read and come together as a community.

8.The Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Danish Library is located in Copenhagen Denmark, and is the largest library that’s in the Nordic Countries, This beautiful Black Diamond structure sits on the waterfront, with its black granite exterior that reflects onto the water of the harbor, and it is absolutely stunning. It now boasts six reading rooms compared to having just one previously, a bookshop, café, restaurants, and it is also home to The National Photography Museum, Dronningesalen Concert and Theatre Hall.

9. Helsinki Central Library, Oodi, Finland

Helsinki Central Library is located in Oodi, Finland. This very striking building with its glass and steel structure on the exterior, and with the interior the designer did a combination of traditional and contemporary flavours. This library includes a reading space and bookshelves that is to the top floor. The libraries other two levels just meld into each other that begins from the outdoor plaza. There is plenty of spaces to just hang out, starting with a civic living room, which includes a theatre, a children’s play area and recording studio, the architects at one time, considered putting in a sauna as well, which was going a little bit over the top. The libraries space only covered a third of the space that is devoted to just books. There are 100,000 volumes that are put on the shelves at any given time. Oodi embraces emerging technology which includes book sorting robots. In total this library houses 3.4 million books.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. See you all next week!

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