National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Hi everyone. After listening to the news, I bet there are a lot of people with mixed feelings about the lockdown slowly easing, or that it will soon be coming to an end if you’re like me and you’re concerned about venturing out, especially when there is still no vaccine available, don’t panic you are not on your own, it affects more people than you know, especially when it as been a few months since you have been outside your house, other than your garden. The best way to deal with your anxieties is to talk to someone. Don’t forget the guidelines that are set, for a reason, follow them and keep safe.

This month is National Zoo and Aquarium Month and the time couldn’t be more perfect to start planning a day trip to the zoos and aquariums as they re-opened this month, or why not make a donation to your favorite.

Why not launch into summer by visiting a zoo or aquarium near you, but make sure you book your ticket online otherwise you will not be allowed inside as they won’t be handling any money for obvious reasons. All around the country they are getting ready for when visitors start coming to the parks and making sure it’s safe for everyone. The parks offer all year long programs regarding wildlife and educational fun for all the children.

What The Zoo and Aquarium Offer:

There are several ways that you can explore your favourite zoos and aquariums.

  • There are around 700 million people that visit zoos and aquariums each year, which makes it the third-largest globally.
  • Did you know that National Zoo and Aquarium Month was first proclaimed in 1982 by President Ronald Regan?
  • Zoos offer passes that can be used at any other aquariums and wildlife parks around the country.
  • Your children will learn all about the vanishing habitat.
  • There are interesting facts for kids on creepy crawlies and other such animals, that they will find very informative.
  • There is an assortment of awesome animals that your children will love to see.
  • They will come away with home learning packs to keep the little rascals busy during school holidays.
  • There are 141 zoos and aquariums around the UK, so I think you have a few places to choose from
  • Teenagers will get to learn all about the rainforest and the endangered animal, as well as the environment that surrounds them.
  • You can check out the rehabilitation program and you can learn about how zoologists and veterinarians help injured animals before returning them back into the wild.
  • Find out which zoos have nurseries? There are several wildlife programs that pair up to create conservative breeding programs to help keep a sustainable population. Why not ask the next time you visit the zoo, to see if they participate in Species Survival Plans.
  • If you want to, you can sponsor one of your favorite animals! There are many programs that offer a way to help support the beautiful wildlife we love so much, especially those that are endangered.
  • On the subject of endangered species, you will get to learn about the reduced population and you will find out which ones are making a comeback.

Thank you for stopping by and I will see you all next week!

One thought on “National Zoo and Aquarium Month”

  1. Enjoyed reading your post since it reminded me of the time when, before the lockdown, I took my three-year old to the zoo. Good fun though half the animals were MIA.
    Much appreciated and thanks for sharing


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