Down at the Library

Hi everyone i hope you are all keeping busy and staying well. I thought i would do one of my own poems this week, as its been a while since my last poem, anyway I hope you like it.

Down at the library
Is where I love to be?
It is nothing new,
For that’s where…
You will find me,

I open a book,
To have a look,
And See what
Adventure is…
About to begin.

From fables of old,
To finding some gold,
Or… could it be?
An adventure at sea.

Slaying dragons,
Or firing cannons,
We have a ball,
With fairy tales and all.

Jumping through
To an unknown world,
That will have your head,
Spinning in a whirl.

I flick through each page,
As I start to engage.
In every stage.
Of the Dark Age,

To marrying my prince,
Whatever it is…
I don’t stand a chance,
At first glance.

By Aria

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my poem Down at the Library. look after yourselves and keep smiling and I will see you all next week.

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