My Dad

Hi everyone, I first want to start off by apologizing, that there was no post last week, as unforeseen things happened that was taken out of my hands, as I spent last week in the hospital.

This post is about my dad who we sadly lost seven years ago today. He wasn’t just an amazing dad, he was an amazing husband and Grandad too, that loved nothing more than being surrounded by his family, always playing host at family parties, barbeques, you name it, he would do it. He would always be the first person to put his hand up and so eager to spend his time with the family. You are sadly missed every day. So today is dedicated to him.

Seven Years Ago Today

Seven years ago, today,
Was not a good day?
As you left a big hole,
I know that wasn’t your goal,
But still… they took your soul.

It’s been so long,
Since you’ve been gone,
The years have flown by
And I still wonder why,
You had to die.

We never had a chance to mourn,
As our world that day had been torn,
I hope you can now be free,
Sitting underneath your orange blossom tree,
But you will always be a part of me.

There is so much you have missed,
Like your eldest grandchild in wedded bliss,
And now she has a baby on the way,
I know that would have made your day.

Your youngest grandchild is making her mark,
Including in the dreaded dark,
Like you… she has a passion for photography,
Her photos and drawings would blow you away,
If only they had let you stay on that fateful day.

There’s so much for us to share,
You’ll have to wait until we get there,
Until then you will have to wonder,
As you sit there and just ponder.

By Aria

Thank you for taking the time to read this special post. I also want to thank you for being patient with me, but everything will resume back to normal on Thursday. Have a good weekend and I will see you soon.

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