Uplifting Quotes

Hi everyone, today I thought I would do uplifting quotes as every now and then you need something to uplift you, especially now its getting colder and with all the rain we keep having. The weather can make a big impact on what your mood is going to be, so here's some quotes to help … Continue reading Uplifting Quotes

Thanksgiving Day

Celebrations have now begun,A day for thanking everyone,Time for loved ones to rejoice,As we sing and make some noise. Outcomes the silverware,As the aroma fills the air,The clock as struck upon the hourFor us to now start to devour, At the table, we would pray,And give thanks for Thanksgiving Day,In front of us, our meal … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day

The Best New Books of November

Hi everyone, this week's blog is about books that are a must for every avid reader. A book is used for many things, it can be a source of knowledge for those who like to learn, whether it’s for school, college or travelling somewhere in the world... There's some use it for a way to … Continue reading The Best New Books of November

25 Halloween Facts

Hi everyone this weeks post is about Halloween Facts, I thought I would blog about some interesting facts surrounding Halloween. The movie Halloween was filmed in just 21 days.Turnips were first used as Jack O-Lantern's Witches and black cats have a permanent place in Halloween folklore that comes from their link to the ancient Celtic … Continue reading 25 Halloween Facts

Portrait of Fall

Looking out my window In October's golden light, I see a beauty unsurpassed, A truly lovely sight. Leaves are saying soft good-byes As they come floating down To make a nature's carpet Of yellow, red, and brown. Mountain tops, now turned to white, Forewarn of winter chills, While trees, like golden rivers, Wind their way … Continue reading Portrait of Fall