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The Lotus Building

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing okay. This week as been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for everyone, some filled with excitement and some filled with dread as the ease up on restrictions begun this week. It doesn’t help being stuck in the house day after day, some of us it’s only been a few months, but there are some that have been confined to the house for the whole year as they have been crippled with fear of getting this horrible disease that spread so rapidly throughout the world with devastating consequences. Like everyone I hope it doesn’t last much longer, then we can start living again.

Anyway, on with my blog. I am doing the Lotus building, I thought it was different but spectacular and unique.

The Lotus Building

This is a flower that will never die and will forever live on and bloom all year round. The Lotus Building and people’s park sits upon on an artificial lake, it was designed to act as a cultural anchor and civic landmark.

The Lotus is in the heart of Wujin, in the eastern coastal province of Jiangsu. It was designed by an Australian architect and design studio, studio 505. China is renowned for its creativity and unique sense of style.

The idea for this beautiful building was taken from the aquatic plant, which is the idea behind the inspiration of its name and form from the blooming lotus flower, and it shows the three stages it goes through, from the young new bud all the way to the full ripe of the flower, through to bud being fully opened, with a seed pod within it.

This building is home to the city’s planning bureau, which makes it one of the prettiest institutions owned by the government. The Lotus is in fact an added addition to an already existing double storey that can be found beneath the artificial lake, and houses part of the bureau, the new exhibition halls, conference centre, and meeting rooms.

The visitors enter from beneath, where it will reveal a cathedral like style of space. The Lotus building illuminates both in colour and light, creating a bright and uplifting intramural atmosphere, whatever the weather.

The external petals are filled with colourful ribs that is applied to the sides, and continues throughout the exterior of the building, giving you a deep hue along the edges of the structure, creating a varied white, beige, and stainless-steel hexagon mosaic tile, which is further enhanced by its stunning illuminating beauty at night, as the florescent lighting shines bright into the night sky, It is just purely breath-taking.

This beautiful structure adds a stunning touch of manmade nature to Wujin’s District, it was designed to be more energy efficient, so it can minimalize its energy usage and provide a sustainable geothermal system that’s driven through the lake.  The whole of the lake water and ground beneath is utilized to pre-cool during the summer months and is set to pre-warms during the winter months, it is properly ventilated with the air conditioning that lies just beneath the lake This is a naturally ventilated structure that has a thermal chimney within its main flower pod.  

The Lotus Centre and people’s park has become one of the most popular landmarks in Wujin since it was completed back in 2013.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Take care and enjoy the rest of your and I will see you all next week.