7 Authors’ Places to Write

Hi everyone, In todays post I am doing where famous Authors found there special place that draws on their imagination and inspired them to write their novels. Finding Your Inspiration Everyone needs somewhere to write. There’s nothing quite like finding your own special niche, a place that you can create, for it is where all … Continue reading 7 Authors’ Places to Write

7 Perfect European Winter Hideaways

Hello everyone, todays post is about the perfect hideaways, somewhere to go for a little last minute break, and get away from all the hustle and bustle of people pushing and shoving trying to get at the endless bargains that's on sale, making sure that they get the best deals for Christmas presents, or like … Continue reading 7 Perfect European Winter Hideaways

10 Majestic Waterfalls

Hi everyone, todays post is about waterfalls. I find that they are a good place to go and read as its so peaceful, you can get lost in your own thoughts, a place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. I love waterfalls and think they are just magical places … Continue reading 10 Majestic Waterfalls

Father’s Day Out Ideas

Hi everyone, this week’s post will be about places you can go on Father’s Day. It doesn't matter if it is with your real dad, a stepfather or someone that has been a permanent role model in your life, it’s for those who chose to stick around. To me a dad as to earn that … Continue reading Father’s Day Out Ideas

Paris Museum

The First Floating Museum In May this year, Paris will welcome its very first floating museum that as transparent walls throughout the centre. This will be the only one in the world that will feature something like this. It as took just under two years create a museum to float on water. The centre will … Continue reading Paris Museum

Leeds Art Gallery

When is Art just Art? Hi everyone, one of my favorite things I love to do is; going to art galleries. There is nothing like looking at a piece of art and interpreting it to what you see. When I look at a painting hanging on the wall I try to imagine what the artist … Continue reading Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Dock!

Leeds Dock (formerly Clarence Dock) is a mixed development that includes not only a retail and leisure presence, but also houses waterside apartments. History: The dock was originally built for boats, transporting goods and commodities from Leeds city centre, using the Leeds and Liverpool canal and the Aire and Calder navigation. The primary use for […] … Continue reading Leeds Dock!