The Wonders of The Library

When I walk into a library,There’s so many books,Which way should I go?And where should I look? As you pick up a book,What do you see?When I take a look,I wonder what will be. Before I can enter the gates,I need to decide,Which one should I take?For an adventure awaits. Decisions, decisions,Is all that it … Continue reading The Wonders of The Library


The Memories That We Keep

The memories that we keep, Are locked down deep,Until we have fallen asleep,You must open your mind,And there you will find.That you can take a peek,Into the memories that you keep.For they will be hidden,Somewhere that is forbidden. But if you want to seek,The memories that you keep.You need to look way down deep,Past the … Continue reading The Memories That We Keep

Girl In The Corner

Alone in the house,A girl you did see,Sitting in the corner,Crouched on her knees. When it’s all quiet,All you will hear,Laughing in the corner,As happy as can be. Bellows of her laughter,From where she sat,Followed not long after,Now came the giggles,As she wriggles incessantly. Tittering loudly to herself,So everyone can here,To her everything seems funny,As … Continue reading Girl In The Corner