Hi everyone, today's post is about bravery, for all those who risk their lives everyday for us. I applaud you and commend you and I thank you To be bestowedWith bravery,Is to go beyond,Your road.And sacrifice,One’s life.For someoneYou do not know. You have to wither, Many storms,As bravery comes, In many forms, You are the … Continue reading Bravery

A New Year

Hello everyone I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. I am so excited to be back with you guys again, not to say that I didn't enjoy spending time with my family because I did, I loved every moment that I spent with them but I also love some me time, … Continue reading A New Year

Once Upon A December Night

Once upon a December Night,A fire burned there so bright,There I found you curled up tight,Underneath the candle light, Outside was white as snow,The moonlight shone and made it glow,Crunch crunch it went under toeThe temperature there was very low,It had now gone below zero. Once upon a December night,I could see you in my … Continue reading Once Upon A December Night

Thanksgiving Day

Celebrations have now begun,A day for thanking everyone,Time for loved ones to rejoice,As we sing and make some noise. Outcomes the silverware,As the aroma fills the air,The clock as struck upon the hourFor us to now start to devour, At the table, we would pray,And give thanks for Thanksgiving Day,In front of us, our meal … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day

Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time…There was a boy made of wood,Whom had to be very good?For a fairy had foretold,You need to be good as gold,So do not lie, beg or steal,If you ever want to be real.


Deep in the forest,A fairy you might see,There you would find,Them as busy as a bee, Don’t forget to be kind, Then they’ll give you their time, But if you are bad, You will only make them mad, There’s one thing for sure, You’ll rock the forest to the core, By trying to catch a … Continue reading Fairies

All Alone

Hi everyone. I have written this poem for all those, who are or have some time in their lives have suffered from PTSD, depression or anxiety and feel all alone, with no-one to talk too. You are not alone, there is someone you can always talk to, you will only open up to someone you … Continue reading All Alone