Top 10 YA Books…

Hi everyone, this weeks post is about books that every teen should read. There  is nothing far better than getting away from your real life than escaping into a book, even if it is for a little while. The imagination can be the most wonderful thing, which is why it is always a good idea … Continue reading Top 10 YA Books…


The Wonders of The Library

When I walk into a library,There’s so many books,Which way should I go?And where should I look? As you pick up a book,What do you see?When I take a look,I wonder what will be. Before I can enter the gates,I need to decide,Which one should I take?For an adventure awaits. Decisions, decisions,Is all that it … Continue reading The Wonders of The Library

National Library Week

Here is some quotes to dedicate to National Library Week. I don't have to find treasures. I discover themevery time I visit a library. Michael Embry You know you're a bookworm when your ultimate goal in life is to haveyour own special library in your house. Anon Libraries allowchildren to ask questions about the world … Continue reading National Library Week