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Hi everyone, today’s post is about bravery, for all those who risk their lives everyday for us. I applaud you and commend you and I thank you

To be bestowed
With bravery,
Is to go beyond,
Your road.
And sacrifice,
One’s life.
For someone
You do not know.

You have to wither,
Many storms,
As bravery comes,
In many forms,
You are the best,
Of humanity,
To stop…
All this insanity.

The hours…
You’ve devoted,
As you’re…
Bravery is noted,
So we…
Applaud you,
For all…
That you do,

I say to you,
A big thank you,
From the bottom,
Of our hearts.

Bye for now. Stay safe and I will see you all back here next week!