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Uncertain Times

Hi everyone I am at a loss for words of what to say, so I thought that i would share some of my own thoughts with you.

This poem brings great sadness to me as I write this in what is a difficult time for all, but more so for the colored society, when I say colored what I mean is we are all colored one way or another, none more so than us whites, well you really can’t call us whites, can you? We are more multicolored because some of us are either tanned (brown/beige), Orange when we have over done it with the spray tan, we go blue when we are cold, we turn red when we are burned or embarrassed, we go green when we are sick. The only ones that stay the same color as they were born, are those you are being racist at. There shouldn’t be so much hate and racism in the world, because you might as well be racist against yourselves, so you’re not really doing yourself any favors.

What I have seen on the TV and in the news only proves to me that instead of our times going forward, it’s drastically going back to the days before the blacks had equal rights. I hate using the phrase colors, blacks etc. those words just get stuck in my throat.

Uncertain Times

What is happening today?
That makes us all pay,
A miscarriage of justice,
Is coming our way.

There’s uncertain times ahead,
Which fills us with dread,
But it’s already happened,
Now someone is dead.

The worlds got more complicated
As the madness as now escalated,
Look into their eyes,
You’ll see there pupils dilated,

With hate, rage and fear,
Now here come the tears,
For those who all jeered
At the forgotten years.

Crying for humanity,
With all of this insanity,
Crying for the pain,
Our lives won’t ever be the same.

The futures uncertain,
The future looks bleak,
What’s going to happen?
In the upcoming weeks.

By Aria

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Be safe and I will see you next week!