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Find Your Inspiration

Find What Inspires You

Everyone needs something to keep their hopes and dreams alive. To be passionate about. So what kind of things can inspire you, to do the things that you love? If you look closely you can find inspiration in anything. 


  • Quotes: 
  • A Book
  • A Picture
  • Life
  • Favorite Author
  • TV
  • Travel
  • Museums
  • Going For A Walk


There are so many quotes for every occasion, whatever the mood may be. My favorites are the inspirational ones that give you the encouragement to keep going and never to give on something that matters. To follow what your heart desires. Words have a powerful impact on everything you do.

A Book

A book is not just a book, it’s a way of an escape for 20 minutes a day. It is always there for you waiting to go on your next adventure. It is there that your mind is free to create magnificent adventures of your own. Inspiration can come in any form, whatever you are doing, once the imagination starts the creativity will not be far behind…

A Picture

If you look deep into a picture, you can find the inspiration you are looking for, whether it is to sketch a picture that you’ve been longing to draw, or suddenly have a burst of inspiration for a poem, to coming up with an idea for a new book, your imagination just takes over. As the saying goes “A Picture is worth a thousand words”.


You can look to your own life for inspiration, on how you grew up? Where you lived? What were the people like? Or you can look at someone else’s life, was there’s any different to your upbringing? Draw on your own life experience, like the people you interacted with? Drawing on life experiences can give you the inspiration you want to fulfill your own dream.

If you have a favorite genre and love books, you most certainly have a favorite author, you might feel as if you relate to them more. An author that you like can make a lasting impression on your life. They are the ones that inspire you the most.


When you were little, TV would make an impact on you, as you would imitate what you watched, you would interpret that into what you were playing.  It can also create the person you want to be. TV is a source of information and can give you so much inspiration.


If you are a seasoned traveler, that likes to see the sights and get to know more about the places that you see, you would get so much inspiration from all the sights you see and your imagination would be endless.


If You are a history buff that likes to write books about any era, then this will spark your senses and your ideas will start to come in. Going to museums opens your mind to ideas for any story you want to create.

Going For A Walk

Getting out from behind your computer and going for a leisurely walk, always helps the mind create ideas, somewhere like a park, can always give your inspiration a jolt, whether it’s the trees swaying, families playing catch with their children or even the touch of the breeze that just swept by. Your mind will be full of ideas and may inspire you to finish the book that is still waiting for an ending.