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Beautiful Caves Around The World

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a good week so far… I think that the weather helps with everyone with what type of mood you are in, and the amount of energy you have, so I have been making the most of this time, while I can.

Today I thought that I would do about some beautiful caves. I know caves, right! You may think BORING!!! I always thought that caves were more like what you see in Indiana Jones, okay a lot are but there are some stunning caves out there in the world, so when I discovered that all caves are not like that, I thought that I would give you an insight into some remarkable caves from around the world.

Enchanting Caves

Here are 10 caves that are bustling with colour, covered either in ice, or could be considered sacred places. underground caves and caverns. You wouldn’t believe that these underground caves exist as they seem almost too good to be true to exist in our world. Here are some incredible caves for you to see for yourself.

Skaftafell Ice Cave, Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

This beautiful cave is located on the frozen lagoon of the Svínafellsjökull glacier in Skaftafell, Iceland. You can best enjoy the vivid blue scene of this magnificent ice cave, either in the fall or during wintertime.  It was constructed from centuries old ice from the slopes of Öræfajökull that as now transpired into what you now see before you, a pressurized glacier ice that contains hardly any air bubbles and making them become more transparent, except for the blue tinge. The ice as occurred over the last several years, and the holes in the Vatnajökull glacier have created amazing caves. The blue ice caves are a rare wonder to see.

Phraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand

The Phraya Nakhon Cave can be found in the Sam Roi Yot National Park in Thailand, it is one of the most mystical and mysterious landmarks there is in Thailand, but there are only a few that get to see it. The reason behind that is, it’s hard to get to the gold and green pavilion, only dedicated travelers, and hikers will accomplish this by making the journey. Those that do get to see it are rewarded with a stunning vision. The light that comes shining through the ceiling makes it even more magical, as it illuminates the Kuha Karuhas temple. The pavilion was purposely built for when King Chulalongkorn visited in 1890, and historically was a popular place for local kings to come and visit

Golden Temple of Dambulla Sri Lanka

The Golden Temple of Dambulla is also known as The Dambulla Royal Cave Temple and Golden Temple, it is the best well-presented cave that Sri Lanka as to offer. The Golden Temple was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. It is made up of five caves, that contain 157 statues of Buddha as well as many paintings on the walls and ceilings, which gives you an insight into the artistic talent of ancient times. The best time to go and visit this amazing temple is best late afternoon when it is somewhat cooler. This is one of the oldest temples going as it has been going for 22 centuries but it still looks remarkable for its age.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Batu Caves is one of Kuala Lumpur main and most favoured attraction, which comes alive every year attracting millions of tourists worldwide, they come to celebrate the Thaipusam festival that they hold in the caves, with several having been turned into temples. You are met by a grand entrance that can be reached by a staircase of 272 steps and is guarded by a golden statue of the god Murugan which towers at 40 metre’s (131 feet high). The limestone that forms around the Batu Cave dates back 400 million years ago, and the temple are only 100 years old and features the idols, and statues that are stood inside the main caves. This is the largest and most popular of the Batu Caves, At the foot of Batu Hill there are two other caves, one of them is the Art Gallery Cave and the other is a Museum Cave.

The Marble Caves, Patagonia, Chile

The Marble Caves can be found in the General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, and is over 6,000 years old, and was declared a national monument in 1994. The smooth intricate shapes that are etched on the walls of the cave was created by the formations that is made up of calcium carbonate, which is a result of the lakes current, that had carved itself through the rocks over the years. This is one of the world’s most stunning of places to visit. The caves are known for their beautiful and spectacular turquoise water cast of marble ceilings.

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China

The Reed Flute Cave can be found in Guangxi, China. The limestone cave has been visited by many tourists over its 1200 years, with its ink subscription that dates to the 8th century BCE. Its name comes from several reeds that grow at the mouth, which can be made into flutes. The colorful lights illuminate off the stunningly formed stalagmites and stalactite causing such a beautiful effect, that as you mesmerized by its many colors, which is just spectacular to see.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Antelope Canyon was carved out by millions of years of water erosion, but you would be forgiven for thinking that it has been sculpted by a professional, with its smooth beautiful lines, but that was not the case. Instead, it was formed out of the erosion of sandstones from flash flooding and rainwater. The stunning color of The Navajo sandstones flowing of the cave walls are awe-inspiring, attracting many visitors to the cave and even photographers come from all over the world to see it in all its splendour. The Navajo name for the upper Antelope Canyon is “Tse’ bighanilini,” which means in English “the place where water runs through rocks.” The Antelope is known for the light that shines directly down in to the opening of the canyon and wave like structure.

Han Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

The Han Son Doong cave can be found in Quang Binh Province, and is the largest known cave in the world, and it is utterly mesmerizing and is filled with many wonders. The stalactites measure 70 metre’s in height, with the pearls the size of basketballs. Every time tourists visits, they are stunned by the size of it, as they don’t expect it to be as big as it first appears, but it is a place of many wonders, and those who come, want to explore its many underground gems. There is plenty to see in the cave with parts of it illuminated by two sinkholes that flood the cave with its rays of sunlight beaming down, there is no place in the world like this…

Kyaut Sae Cave, Myanmar

Kyaut Sae Cave is known throughout the world, and is a magical and majestic cave that holds a Buddhist temple hidden within its cave. It does not diminish the fact of its natural beauty at all. There is a small opening in the ceiling that releases sunlight into the cave, illuminating it up giving it an orange or blue glow. This cave is only known to a small number of people that live in the area, as it is a relatively small and therefore not that interesting to researchers. The main visitors to the cave are pilgrims. The temple remains one of the most important places in the country. Trees and shrubs grow inside which gives it an even more stunning feature.

Cuevas del Drach Caves, Spain

Cuevas del Drach Caves can be located at Porto Cristo on the island of Mallorca and are made up of four Dragon Caves (Cave of Luis, Salvador, Black Cave, White Cave, and Cave of the French) it is an unbelievable sight to see. The striking formation was staged over millions of years of non-stop drip-drip. The winding corridors connect to each individual cave, with stalagmites hanging from its enormous ceiling. Near to the entrance is where the “Baths of Diana” is, when entering it you are hit by a small illuminating turquoise blue lake that is just so mesmerizing and enchanting. There in the middle of the lake sits a small orchestra, ready to give you a short concert, you sit in the surrounding boats before the band strikes up and fills the cave with beautiful music. Millions of tourists would come in their droves to see the wonders of this cave and see the only cave that as an orchestra.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you back here next week

Father’s Day Out Ideas

Hi everyone, this week’s post will be about places you can go on Father’s Day. It doesn’t matter if it is with your real dad, a stepfather or someone that has been a permanent role model in your life, it’s for those who chose to stick around.

To me a dad as to earn that title. I was fortunate to have this amazing man who to me was a better father figure than my biological one. This time of year is kind of hard for me, as this truly amazing man was sadly took from us seven years ago.

Places To Go:

Indoor Activities

What if it rains? Well if the weather is going to be as bad as it is during this week, you may want to start looking at something to do inside on Father’s Day. Here is a few ideas just to get you started:

Team Sport Karting

Father's Day Out, Go Karting

Why not take dad Go Karting, it is a good day out for the whole family. The track length is up to an epic 1000m, so enough space to have a friendly competition, Dad VS Kids. The first one round the final lap, can chose where to go next, chose a movie, or even have your favorite dessert! There are 33 Team Sport Karting venues, right across the UK, featuring multi-level tracks. So why not come on down and have a fun day out.

The Dinosaur Museum
Image result for The Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester

The Dinosaur Museum is one of a kind in Great Britain, as this is the only museum dedicated solely to the fascinating world of dinosaurs. It is Britain’s award winning museum. This museum consists of life sized reconstructions of the dinosaurs, using fossils and skeletons to create an exciting hands on experience. Using a hands on display can help tell the story of these prehistoric animals and you will be enthralled by the world that happened millions of years ago. This museum is fascinating and has you mesmerised from start to finish. It is a great day out for the family, and you get to learn a lot about these pre-historic animals, that once ruled the earth. Just click below to visit the website.

Blue Planet Aquarium
Related image

The Blue Planet Aquarium is a captivating underwater world, just waiting for you to come and discover all of its wonders. It is home to more than 100 living displays, as well as one of Europe largest collection of sharks, this aquarium offers plenty of marine life to revel in. You can go and have a wander to the Coral Cave, or take a trip to the Underwater Shark Tunnel and watch them swim over your head, or head down to the Flooded Forest and look at some exotic fish. There are 14 shows daily, where you see the divers feeding the fish at their spectacular Aqua Theatre presentation, There you will learn more about the aquatic animals of the ocean. For more details click on the link below.

Cinema Trip

Father's Day Out, Cinema

If it’s miserable outside this Father’s Day, why not kick back at the cinema and watch a film that your dad has been dying to see. It doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home, so don’t let the weather stop you from having fun and spending quality time with your family… Taking dad and the kids out for a cinema trip and afterwards go for a tasty meal to celebrate. Here is a list of just a few movies that is on around the UK, but each cinema will have their own selection of movie showings, so please check your local cinema for details before going.

Films that’s on Around the UK are:
Walt Disney’s Aladdin
X-Men: Dark Phoenix
The Secret Life of Pets 2
Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Outdoor Activities

There’s nothing like being out in the open when the weather is warm or with a breeze. I have concocted a list of some things you can possibly do with your dad on Father’s Day!

Marwell Zoo, Hampshire


Marwell Zoo as 140 acres of ground and gardens to cover. It is home to hundreds of exotic and endangered species. It will be a unique once in a lifetime experience, as it will allow you to get up close and personal with some of nature’s most endangered species, a day you will never forget and it will give you some unforgettable memories.
From giraffes to rhinos, and reptiles to penguins. It features 5 adventure playgrounds, road and rail trains, this zoo literally as it all. If you get hungry why not head down to Marwell’s Café Graze Restaurant, where you can either eat in or take the food out to the picnic area. Marwell Zoo is a place to be, for taking the family out on Father’s Day, it as something for everyone.

Zip World
Image result for zip world north wales

Zip world is an adventure in itself, there is so much to do, whether you are flying through the caverns, while taking in some of their breath-taking views of the valley as you zip line across, it really is captivating. It is something that everyone must try at least once to get the full exhilarating experience. Adventure awaits for those who like to live in the fast lane. This adventure would be a good Father’s Day thrill fest and would best suit the older kids. Please check their website below for more details, and also on what you should wear to go Zip lining, Above all else be safe.

Miniature Golf
Image result for mini golf

Looking for a more relaxing day out, why not go to your nearest Mini Golf Course. It is a place everyone can join in, The Mini Golf course is for children of all ages, so no-one gets left out and you will get to spend time with your dad while having a great family day out. You will be sure to make some lasting and happy memories along the way! If you are a beginner don’t worry, it will give your dad a chance to show off his own putting skills, as he will show you how to hold the stick, right down to hitting the putt. In next to know time you will out shine your dad. But always remember to have fun.

The Last Word

There are still things you can do with your dad on Father’s Day that doesn’t have to cost anything, like going on a picnic, or play ball, whether it is catch or football. Kids will love anything as long as they spend time with their dad on Father’s Day. So whatever you do have fun and enjoy. See you all next week, and have a Happy Father’s Day!

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