Hi everyone, today's post is about bravery, for all those who risk their lives everyday for us. I applaud you and commend you and I thank you To be bestowedWith bravery,Is to go beyond,Your road.And sacrifice,One’s life.For someoneYou do not know. You have to wither, Many storms,As bravery comes, In many forms, You are the … Continue reading Bravery

Unite Poem

Hi everyone, todays post is about us uniting as one to overcome the trials we are facing. There is nothing we can't overcome, if we all face it together. We are all fighting for survival in this, our darkest of times, but through it all we will grow stronger and conquer it once and for … Continue reading Unite Poem

A Limerick or Two

Hi everyone, welcome back to this weeks blog. I have done a couple of limericks today, as I found them to be very funny, and the best medicine for any situation is laughter. The first one you read is a tongue twister, just for a laugh, see if you can say it very fast. A … Continue reading A Limerick or Two

Katharine Tynan: No Man’s Land

Hi everyone, todays post is a little different than just the normal poem. I am doing a little bio of Katharine Tynan as today is her birthday, she was born one hundred and sixty one years ago today. Biography Irish writer Katharine Tynan was born 23 January 1859 in Clondalkin, Dublin, to Andrew Cullen Tynan … Continue reading Katharine Tynan: No Man’s Land

A New Year

Hello everyone I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. I am so excited to be back with you guys again, not to say that I didn't enjoy spending time with my family because I did, I loved every moment that I spent with them but I also love some me time, … Continue reading A New Year

Dear Father Christmas

Hi everyone, I bet you are all excited about tomorrow, I know I am. I'm doing this blog post early, this week so I get to spend all the festivities with my family, which is what Christmas is all about, spending it with your loved ones. I am taking a couple of weeks off and … Continue reading Dear Father Christmas

Once Upon A December Night

Once upon a December Night,A fire burned there so bright,There I found you curled up tight,Underneath the candle light, Outside was white as snow,The moonlight shone and made it glow,Crunch crunch it went under toeThe temperature there was very low,It had now gone below zero. Once upon a December night,I could see you in my … Continue reading Once Upon A December Night