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Uncertain Times

Hi everyone I am at a loss for words of what to say, so I thought that i would share some of my own thoughts with you.

This poem brings great sadness to me as I write this in what is a difficult time for all, but more so for the colored society, when I say colored what I mean is we are all colored one way or another, none more so than us whites, well you really can’t call us whites, can you? We are more multicolored because some of us are either tanned (brown/beige), Orange when we have over done it with the spray tan, we go blue when we are cold, we turn red when we are burned or embarrassed, we go green when we are sick. The only ones that stay the same color as they were born, are those you are being racist at. There shouldn’t be so much hate and racism in the world, because you might as well be racist against yourselves, so you’re not really doing yourself any favors.

What I have seen on the TV and in the news only proves to me that instead of our times going forward, it’s drastically going back to the days before the blacks had equal rights. I hate using the phrase colors, blacks etc. those words just get stuck in my throat.

Uncertain Times

What is happening today?
That makes us all pay,
A miscarriage of justice,
Is coming our way.

There’s uncertain times ahead,
Which fills us with dread,
But it’s already happened,
Now someone is dead.

The worlds got more complicated
As the madness as now escalated,
Look into their eyes,
You’ll see there pupils dilated,

With hate, rage and fear,
Now here come the tears,
For those who all jeered
At the forgotten years.

Crying for humanity,
With all of this insanity,
Crying for the pain,
Our lives won’t ever be the same.

The futures uncertain,
The future looks bleak,
What’s going to happen?
In the upcoming weeks.

By Aria

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Be safe and I will see you next week!


Hi everyone, today’s post is about bravery, for all those who risk their lives everyday for us. I applaud you and commend you and I thank you

To be bestowed
With bravery,
Is to go beyond,
Your road.
And sacrifice,
One’s life.
For someone
You do not know.

You have to wither,
Many storms,
As bravery comes,
In many forms,
You are the best,
Of humanity,
To stop…
All this insanity.

The hours…
You’ve devoted,
As you’re…
Bravery is noted,
So we…
Applaud you,
For all…
That you do,

I say to you,
A big thank you,
From the bottom,
Of our hearts.

Bye for now. Stay safe and I will see you all back here next week!

Unite Poem

Hi everyone, todays post is about us uniting as one to overcome the trials we are facing. There is nothing we can’t overcome, if we all face it together. We are all fighting for survival in this, our darkest of times, but through it all we will grow stronger and conquer it once and for all.

Monday night a statement was issued to all of the UK to go into lock down, but still some are not following the rules. My daughter and I had to self isolate before, that was put in place due to both being put in the high risk category. Please listen to what is asked of you, stay indoors and keep safe.

Here is a poem that I found, I thought it was fitting for this situation.

Evil strikes in the gaps of humanity.
Hold your brothers and sisters close,
Keep your pets and companions near,
and unite.

Evil lurks where our hearts fail.
Keep compassion for your fellows,
Make time to help those who need it,
and unite.

Evil slips in when we lose sight of ourselves.
Read up till your eyes give out,
Arm yourself with knowledge of immovable facts and educated opinions,
and unite.

Evil will see us fall when we forget each other.
Remember that across the oceans and borders,
Across language and history and culture and religion,
We are all a part of each other,
and unite.

by Dana Hughes

Thankyou for taking the time to read this blog. See you next week!

A Limerick or Two

Hi everyone, welcome back to this weeks blog. I have done a couple of limericks today, as I found them to be very funny, and the best medicine for any situation is laughter.

The first one you read is a tongue twister, just for a laugh, see if you can say it very fast.

A tutor who tooted the flute,
Tried to teach two young fluters to toot.
Said the two to the tutor,
‘is it harder to toot, or
To tutor two fluters to toot?’

by Hugh Morrison

When the funny man’s copy is due,
And jokes seem remarkably few,
He will jump to his chair,
Take a pull at his hair,
Then grind out a limerick or two.

by Hugh Morrison

Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next week.