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On The Streets

When you are down and out,
And there is no-one about,
On the streets, you may be,
For everyone to see.

Out their all alone,
Without a family or a home,
Do people really care?
As they always stop and stare,
Thankful it’s not them out there.

There you are as I look from afar,
Dirty, hungry and all alone,
Wishing you could go home,
But on the street is where you sit,
With your little bag of tricks.

When you are all alone,
Without a bed or a home,
Begging on the streets,
Is where you will sit?
Hoping to get some tips.

With no smile upon your face,
Because there is no more space,
To place your head upon a bed,
On the street is where you must go,
And in the doorway, you must lay.

The echoes of your cries,
Carries on through the night air.
You can hear it everywhere,
The hunger you must feel,
Has become a big deal,
So now you have to steal.

Nobody has ever chosen,
To be like one of those.
I think you ought,
To give a thought,
For all of the those,
Who does not have a home?

Nothing does prepare,
When your life is in despair,
It is a time to forgive,
With some self-sacrificing,
So that they can start to live.

Have a great day!