Happy Halloween! — Peytons View

Hello everyone 🙂 Halloween has arrived and whilst its not in my top 3 of favourite holidays, I would be a liar if I said I didn’t like eating a load of candy and watching Halloween movies from the likes of “Hocus Pocus” to “Scream”. Many countries celebrate Halloween differently and I thought It might […] … Continue reading Happy Halloween! — Peytons View


30 Travel Destinations

Traveling Far and Wide: To travel is a journey everyone should experience, you would learn so much from each journey you take. Each country comes with its own history, its own religion, and beliefs. You can learn a lot from every journey you take, and you should experience their culture and the food that they eat, … Continue reading 30 Travel Destinations

Coventry: A City Full Of History

Coventry is a beautiful city to go and visit, with its many shops and museums. It is a place that is both full of culture and history. There is always something to do here, from exhibitions to doing things as a family. there is something for everyone, but one thing is for sure you would … Continue reading Coventry: A City Full Of History

My Journey to Salford, Manchester

I recently went to Salford in Manchester for the day. We had chosen the perfect day to go and check it out. The sun was shining on us that day quite literally. I had previously driven down to Manchester before, to go to the airport and another time was to do some shopping at the Intu Trafford … Continue reading My Journey to Salford, Manchester