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Celebrate National Women’s History Month

It is coming to the end of National Women’s History month, but I can’t let it pass by without saying something about why we celebrate this time of year. There as been so many remarkable women throughout the history that have changed our society that we live in today. If it wasn’t for the bravery of some exceptional women, none of us women would be free today.

Jane Austen 1775 -1817

Jane Austen was a literary figure that has had more influence on British culture than anyone else, including herself
would have ever known.

Jane started writing from an early age, she was only a teenager when she started putting pen to paper. She went on to write six major novels which revealed what it was really like to live in the 1700’s and early 1800’s. Her novels gave us an insight of what it was like to live during those times, something we would not of been able to do if it wasn’t for the likes of her novels. Four of which were released within just four years of each other

Whilst she was alive she had submitted her work anonymously, so she never got the credit or recognition she so deserved.. it was only when Jane died that it came to light, that she had wrote them herself. It as now been just over two hundred years since her death, and now there are millions of people that carry her around in their pocket every single day, because her face is now on the new £10 note it is a way of marking, on what a massive impact her work still as today.

Mary Seacole 1805 – 1881

Mary Seacole was in her late forties when she travelled from her home in Jamaica to Britain to offer her services as a nurse during the Crimean War (1853-!856). Despite her being turned down on numerous occasions. Mary was a woman on a mission as she refused to give up, she was a woman who was mixed race with a Jamaican mother and Scottish father, she has had to deal with prejudice and impediment her whole entire life.

Mary Seacole funded her own way across to the Crimea where she established the British Hotel near Balaclava. Nineteenth century soldiers had no support from welfare and Mary’s hotel provided them with support, and a comfortable retreat away from battle. They were given accommodations for them to convalesce the wounded and sick. Mary would nurse the wounded soldiers whilst still on the battlefield earning the title Mother Seacole.

Susan B Anthony 1820 – 1906

Susan B Anthony was born into a family that were Quakers and activists, against the anti-slavery movement. Susan was bought up in a strict Quaker climate, so it was only right that she followed in their footsteps, but she did something her parents couldn’t do and that was she changed the history for women all around the world.

Susan B Anthony was an American activist for civil rights. She campaigned relentlessly against slavery and for women to have the same right as men to vote. Susan was the co-founder of the Women’s Temperance Movement which campaigned to tighten up the law on alcohol. she played a significant part in equal rights for women, and in the passing of the nineteenth amendment (1920) which gave women the vote.

Emily Hobhouse 1860 – 1926

Emily Hobhouse was a campaigner for the British welfare during the time of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) in South Africa. She has raised many funds for the Boer women and children whom were displaced by the war and they were housed by the British in overcrowded camps.

After Emily visited the camps she then submitted a report to the British government highlighting all the horrendous and terrible conditions they were submitted too, which then resulted in an official inquiry. Emily was one of the first women in history to successfully ever challenge the British government, and went on to raise social awareness for the plight of civilian populations caught up in conflict.

Bessie Coleman 1892 – 1926

In 1921, Bessie Coleman was the first American woman to get her international pilot’s licence, despite their being racial discrimination preventing her to go to the American flying schools.

Bessie travelled all the way to France to earn her license, she then returned to America where racial gender bias prevented from becoming a commercial pilot. Stunt flying was her only option and she staged the first public flight by an African-American woman in the US. It was third of September 1922, when Bessie Coleman had drawn in huge crowds to her shows, refusing to perform before segregated audiences and raising money to found a school to train black aviators.

I would like to thank all the women that changed this world we now live in for the better.

See you all next week!

An Essay – Silence


Have you ever heard a penny drop or the sound of the birds tweeting away on a sunny day, or even the sound of your own voice?  It has been a long time since I have heard anything?  What seems like a simple, little everyday thing for everyone else, for me, I do not hear a single sound, as I live in a world where everything is just silent and still, where there’s nothing but the quietness to contend with each and every day.

I do not think you ever get used to not being able to hear the sound of your own voice when you wake up in the morning, you just have to adapt to the lifestyle. I still have my bad days, when everything does get to me and gets me down, but let’s face it who wouldn’t.

I was born with hearing, and then one day there was nothing, not even a murmur. I do find it difficult when I am with a group of people, I sit there and watch everyone talking to each other, as I am unable to join in with the heated debate that they are having. I look around and watch as their words come out and see the expressions on their faces, and I just hope for the best that I have not nodded, or shaken my head at the wrong time.

You might think that it is good at times to have the peace and quiet so that you can shut the world out but its’ not, when all you are surrounded by, is the emptiness of no sound, not even a whisper. You are left feeling lonely and isolated as there is no sound coming through, and all I am left with is, nothing but the quietness where ever I go.

I ask myself how would they feel, if all they could hear was nothing but silence, or how would they react if all your life you could hear everything around you, then suddenly wake up the next day and everything has been snatched away from you. In the blink of an eye and everything has changed from that day onwards. The bleakness of where you cannot hear anything or anyone, not a single thing, the silence is deafening. Where everything is just so still.

Everywhere I go, all I can do is watch, and see those around me, going about their day. All the while I am struggling to accept that every day is the same, a life without sound. I now have to rely on all my other senses to get me through the day, and that we, me included have taken for granted,

I don’t think anyone could handle the quietness all the time, they would just go crazy, out of their mind and they would not cope, only they have a choice more than what I have.

There are some that take themselves off into another room, if they want some quiet time, that is a choice that they make, I have no choice, it was taken from me, without no warning; one minute I can hear, every sound going; the next it was dead silence and it has been like this for me, and it’s stayed that way ever since.

Don’t know why?

It did take me some time to get used to all of this after I was struck down by a mystery virus that has put me in this never-ending nightmare.

Every day is the same now I wake up hoping that I can hear mum pottering around downstairs, any kind of sound, would be a positive sign, but instead, I’m wishing and hoping that one morning I will wake up and I can hear again. Instead, it’s the same as every other day.

I’m trapped in a body with no way to escape, no way out. I have just my thoughts to contend with as no-one knows what it feels like to completely be trapped inside with just your thoughts for comfort and no way of escaping.

The silence can be so deafening at times, that you would give anything to be able to hear a single sound.

You hear of things like this happening to other people and hope that it never happens to you. I cannot say “why me, why not me”. I am no exception to the rules and I have just proven that otherwise, this would not be happening to me.

A life-changing event, that could happen to any one of us, your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, best friend, neighbor or even someone you know by just passing in the street, if someone you think is ignoring you, maybe this has happened to them and they are finding their way and trying to adjust to their unfamiliar surroundings, and they are not really ignoring you, its just they never heard you speak to them, as they are trying to cope with the quietude of it all, and that they are finding it hard as this is unchartered territory for them, the not knowing the not understanding of what someone else is going through.


Have a great week!

Castleford Bridge

The Bridge over River Aire,

Castleford Bridge sits across the River Aire which is situated in the town of Castleford. The bridge is used as a footbridge to get from one side to the other. It is a very good place for anyone to come and just sit down for a while, to watch as the water goes back and forth.

There are some that would come here to gather their thoughts, before heading home, others would come to escape from the hustle and bustle of town. For whatever reason it may be, you won’t be disappointed.                     

The Bridge is a multi-award winning 130m long pedestrian footbridge and was designed by architects McDowell and Benedetti. The bridge now connects the North and South of Castleford riverside, connecting Aire Street to Mill Lane. The £4.8 million Bridge was created for public use, so that the pedestrians had a safer and more pleasant passage across, oppose to the 200-year-old Victorian road bridge, which is situated further downstream.  If you look closely, you can see it for yourself when you stand there on the bridge.

The town of Castleford as one amazing bridge, which was very well thought out. It is not like your average, run of the mill bridge that only goes straight over the river bed. The curvature of this bridge starts to curve from one side of the embankment to the other. It is created in the shape of an S, with its winding bends and amazing view, it is the perfect place to come and visit.

Thinking Place

I had chosen the perfect day to come to this quaint little market town. The bridge was my focus point for stopping here, as I love unusual shapes and the bridge fitted perfectly into that category. Whilst here I found myself sitting on one of its many seats, I closed my eyes and just listened to the sound of the water running. It felt so therapeutic, just listening to the many sounds that the river made…

You can easily get lost in your own thoughts and it was whilst visiting this bridge that I found my own inspiration, to write a short poem. I hope that everyone finds their own special place and that you too can find your own thinking place, so you can find your own inspiration and watch it start to come alive.

The River Aire,
That stands so bare,
Could not wait to go,
As the water starts to flow.

Pigeons come in their flock,
For they will be,
Sitting next to me,
They’re upon the dock.

Castleford Town

Castleford is a town that is situated in the metropolitan borough of Wakefield, with short ride to neighbouring towns like Pontefract, Normanton, Featherstone, and Knottingley.

You are also not a million miles away from some cities too, like Sheffield, Leeds, or Manchester. There are plenty of things to do and see to keep yourself busy.  The town’s people here are among the friendliest I have encountered so far…

The Market

Castleford as a market on every day of the week, except for Sundays. The indoor market is situated in the Market Hall, it opens Monday to Saturday from 9am until 5pm, but they are only open half day on a Wednesday until 1pm. The market consists of 73 stalls that have everyday things, for every occasion. They sell items like food, flowers, clothes, books etc. There is something for everyone.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, there is also an outdoor market that runs in conjunction with the indoor market, with another 80 stalls on top of the 73 stalls that’s in the indoor market. It opens up at 8:30am until 4pm.

Castleford is definitely worth a visit.

Find Your Inspiration

Find What Inspires You

Everyone needs something to keep their hopes and dreams alive. To be passionate about. So what kind of things can inspire you, to do the things that you love? If you look closely you can find inspiration in anything. 


  • Quotes: 
  • A Book
  • A Picture
  • Life
  • Favorite Author
  • TV
  • Travel
  • Museums
  • Going For A Walk


There are so many quotes for every occasion, whatever the mood may be. My favorites are the inspirational ones that give you the encouragement to keep going and never to give on something that matters. To follow what your heart desires. Words have a powerful impact on everything you do.

A Book

A book is not just a book, it’s a way of an escape for 20 minutes a day. It is always there for you waiting to go on your next adventure. It is there that your mind is free to create magnificent adventures of your own. Inspiration can come in any form, whatever you are doing, once the imagination starts the creativity will not be far behind…

A Picture

If you look deep into a picture, you can find the inspiration you are looking for, whether it is to sketch a picture that you’ve been longing to draw, or suddenly have a burst of inspiration for a poem, to coming up with an idea for a new book, your imagination just takes over. As the saying goes “A Picture is worth a thousand words”.


You can look to your own life for inspiration, on how you grew up? Where you lived? What were the people like? Or you can look at someone else’s life, was there’s any different to your upbringing? Draw on your own life experience, like the people you interacted with? Drawing on life experiences can give you the inspiration you want to fulfill your own dream.

If you have a favorite genre and love books, you most certainly have a favorite author, you might feel as if you relate to them more. An author that you like can make a lasting impression on your life. They are the ones that inspire you the most.


When you were little, TV would make an impact on you, as you would imitate what you watched, you would interpret that into what you were playing.  It can also create the person you want to be. TV is a source of information and can give you so much inspiration.


If you are a seasoned traveler, that likes to see the sights and get to know more about the places that you see, you would get so much inspiration from all the sights you see and your imagination would be endless.


If You are a history buff that likes to write books about any era, then this will spark your senses and your ideas will start to come in. Going to museums opens your mind to ideas for any story you want to create.

Going For A Walk

Getting out from behind your computer and going for a leisurely walk, always helps the mind create ideas, somewhere like a park, can always give your inspiration a jolt, whether it’s the trees swaying, families playing catch with their children or even the touch of the breeze that just swept by. Your mind will be full of ideas and may inspire you to finish the book that is still waiting for an ending.