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Once Upon A December Night

Happy Christmas eve everyone, I hope you all have a great Christmas, despite what as happened this year. Enjoy spending time with your family and loved ones, and hopefully next year will be far better than this year.

Once upon a December Night,
A fire burned there so bright,
There I found you curled up tight,
Underneath the candle light,

Outside was white as snow,
The moonlight shone and made it glow,
Crunch crunch it went under toe
As the temperature there was very low,
It had now gone below zero.

Once upon a December night,
I could see you in my sight,
I squealed with such delight,
As you came to me tonight.

If you go to sleep,
Without taking a peek,
You will receive what you seek,
And it will be the best day of the week.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog! I will be taking time off to spend with my family, so I won’t be back until the new year. See you in 2021. January 7th 2021.

Thanksgiving Day

Celebrations have now begun,
A day for thanking everyone,
Time for loved ones to rejoice,
As we sing and make some noise.

Outcomes the silverware,
As the aroma fills the air,
The clock as struck upon the hour
For us to now start to devour,

At the table, we would pray,
And give thanks for Thanksgiving Day,
In front of us, our meal will lay,
Where we will feast and celebrate.

Thanksgiving Day is one to remember,
It’s a day in the month of November,
And for us to share with the ones we care,
Happy Thanksgiving to you all out there.

From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving and I will see you next week.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs,
All different kinds,
So many to choose from,
Which one will be mine?

There are sweets,
For me to eat,
Just sit back,
And have your treats.

Easter eggs,
Are so yummy,
There’s enough,
To fill my tummy.

See you all next week and have a great Easter holiday…


A wish for you,
On this Valentine’s Day,
That you’ll take time to laugh,
And maybe to play,
Just bury the blues,
Let go your worries,
Do something happy,
And giggle in flurries,
Run in the forest,
Hug a small child,
Grin at the clouds,
And do something wild,
Just for this day,
Be perfectly free,
For that is the way,
You were meant to be,
Watch how your magic,
Blossoms in wonder,
As lightning flashes,
In evening thunder,
And know in your heart,
Come what may,
I send you my blessings,
This Valentine’s Day.

By Ted L Glines

Happy valentines day, see you next week!