9 Futuristic Libraries

In the world today there are so many different types of libraries. There are the legendary ancient ones, that are thousands of years old, some are just ruins and some have a slight touch of modern that adds a little extra wow factor. You have the more modern libraries, that are beautiful and have up-to-date … Continue reading 9 Futuristic Libraries

Hans Christian Andersen

Hi everyone, today would of been Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, so to celebrate this iconic storyteller, I thought I would write a small bio and some of his quotes by the man himself. Bio Hans Christian Andersen was born April 2nd 1805, he was born in Odense Denmark. When he was born nobody knew what … Continue reading Hans Christian Andersen

Unite Poem

Hi everyone, todays post is about us uniting as one to overcome the trials we are facing. There is nothing we can't overcome, if we all face it together. We are all fighting for survival in this, our darkest of times, but through it all we will grow stronger and conquer it once and for … Continue reading Unite Poem

20 Funny Quotes

Hi everyone, today I thought I would do some funny quotes to keep everyone's spirits up in a time when the world is in chaos. I hope you all keep safe and find some sunshine, in a time when everywhere just looks so dark. I find humour to help me through anything, I just hope … Continue reading 20 Funny Quotes

Anniversary Poem

Hi everyone, welcome to this week's blog. I thought that I would share with you a poem that I have dedicated to my husband, as it is our wedding anniversary on Saturday. Every girl wishes to one day marry the man of her dreams, their prince charming. Someone that treats them as equals. I never … Continue reading Anniversary Poem

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping safe after the disastrous week, we’ve all been having with storm Ciara causing chaos and destruction up and down the country. My heart goes out to all those that have lost there homes and place of business. Valentine’s Day as come around once again. It is day that is … Continue reading Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

35 Quotes About Love

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is well. my blog this week is quotes about love to get you feeling all warm and tingly for the month ahead. There are some people that finds it hard to put into words how they feel, so writing down can be very difficult for them to express themselves, while … Continue reading 35 Quotes About Love